About Faye

Faye Rapoport DesPres is a career freelance journalist and business/non-profit writer who recently earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Pine Manor College's Solstice Low-Residency MFA Program in Newton, Massachusetts.  She currently writes creative nonfiction, poetry and journalism and works as a writing coach, editor, proofreader and social media marketing consultant.

In addition to her MFA, Faye holds a Bachelor's Degree in English and American Literature from Brandeis University and a master's degree from the SUNY School of Environmental Science and Forestry, where she studied environmental science and journalism. She spent her early career in the communications departments of environmental organizations working to protect wildlife and natural resources.  At one point Faye wrote a bi-weekly column for the Massachusetts Audubon Society, "The Nature of Things," which was published in weekly newspapers throughout Massachusetts.  She also produced "The Massachusetts Audubon Society Radio Show" for WADN, Walden Radio. During this period Faye also published poems in small literary journals.

In 1999, Faye won a Colorado Press Association award while working as a staff writer for a Denver weekly. Her freelance work has since appeared in Animal Life, Trail and Timberline, The Chatham Courier, The Rockland Review and other publications.  In 2005, she wrote a variety of short news items for The New York Times travel section.  Faye also edited “One Man’s Leg,” a published memoir by Iron Man and Paralympic athlete Paul Martin, and an upcoming memoir, as yet untitled, penned by Massachusetts Congressional Candidate Donald Hussey. Faye has also served as a freelance senior account executive for several New York PR agencies. 

Praise For Faye

"Darn, you're good! I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have found you!"—Kathy Robinson, Founder/Career and Business Consultant, TurningPoint

"I have never worked with a better, more professional or more talented writer than Faye. Her quality and speed of writing never cease to amaze me. Even if she knows very little about the subject matter, Faye still manages to write in a cohesive, informative and logical manner. Our company felt a huge loss years ago when Faye left a full-time position with us to take another job offer, so we're excited that she's available now as a contractor. Working with Faye really takes the pain out of copywriting. She is a true asset to anyone who has the pleasure of working with her." —Donille Massa, Bulbrite

"I have worked with Faye for over 13 years and in that time I have never met a more consistently effective writer with as much professionalism and integrity. Her writing is fantastic. Always concise, well researched and on message. Her work is addicting -- I just keep coming back for more!"
—Jackson D. Carson - Owner, Wavelength Media

“An absolute great business decision to engage Faye as a freelance writer! She is fast which is so important when much of our work is time sensitive… She captures the essence of a story and puts it on paper effectively and she has great contacts! Faye makes our stories come to life! Successful Outcome? – YES! …we’ve found volunteer puppy raisers as a result of her talent! Thank you to Faye!”
—Linda Damato, Regional Marketing Manager for Guiding Eyes for the Blind Canine Development Center

"From the moment Faye and I engaged in our press release and Web content project, I found her to be fully present and highly responsive. She quickly grasped some difficult technical concepts and was then able to assist us with translating our complex message into simple, clear text for our audience."
—Lana Holmes, CEO, KnowledgeFilter, Inc.

"I can't even begin to tell you how impressed I am with your work so far. I feel like I'm hallucinating because it looks like you did almost everything I asked for in less than 24 hours, and it was all presented EXACTLY as I would have wanted it." —Chris Lyons, Chris Lyons Communications.

"[Faye's] creative work is simply superb--beautiful, risk-taking, surprising, and insightful.... She's a natural writer.... I strongly recommend Faye as a writing coach and editor for aspiring writers.... In all of her interactions with fellow writers, she demonstrates respect as well as critical acumen." — Joy Castro, teacher, author of THE TRUTH BOOK and numerous other publications 
"A perceptive critic of others’ writing, and of her own, she always advanced our understanding of the work in front of us. She is clearly an experienced, skilled and meticulous writer and editor." — Amy Hoffman, teacher, author of AN ARMY OF EX-LOVERS and HOSPITAL TIME
"I contacted Faye Rapoport and we met for coffee to discuss my [editing] needs. Two weeks later I welcomed a meticulously buffed up manuscript which led almost immediately to landing a publisher!" — Paul Martin, Paralympic athlete, Iron Man and author of ONE MAN'S LEG

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