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Joan Schweighardt is a former book publisher. As the founder and president of GreyCore Press (1999- 2006), Joan performed all aspects of publishing, including acquisitions, editing, proofreading, overseeing production, and public relations. She stopped publishing in 2006 after moving from New York to New Mexico, but she continues to work as closely and as caringly with authors as ever.

Some of the highlights of Joan’s publishing career include:

(Julie Mars; nonfiction; 2005): This title was a Barnes & Noble "Discover Great New Writers" title and a Quills Award nominee. The book was reviewed in the "Great Reads" section of People magazine, and the author has been interviewed extensively in magazines and on radio and TV. View at Amazon.com

(Kate Niles/fiction/2004): ForeWord Magazine selected this title for their highest honor, the Editor's Choice Book of the Year Award, in 2005. View at Amazon.com

WHEN I WISHED I WAS ALONE (Dave Cutler; children's; 2003): This gorgeous children's book has been compared to WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE in more than one review. Borders Books and Music chose it as one of their top six "read to me" titles for the year 2003. WHEN I WISHED I WAS ALONE has been published in South Korea. View at Amazon.com

THE GUESS WHO WHAT WHEN & WHERE PICTURE TRIVIA BOOK SERIES: MOVIE EDITION (Dave Cutler; nonfiction;2004): This book/game was a BN.com best seller during the 2004/2005 holiday season. It was selected for a "Best New Products" award at the National Gift Show (Jacob Javitz Center, NYC) in 2005.View at Amazon.com

ONE MAN'S LEG (Paul Martin; memoir; 2003): This book opened many doors for its author: A world class athlete who happens to have only one leg, Paul has been on CNN, CBS, Fox Sports (Tom Arnold's "Best Damn Sports Show Period"), and many others, both national and regional. He has been in several magazines, including a ten-page spread in Muscle Media; a placement in Playgirl's "Sexiest Men In Sports" issue (fully clothed); and on the cover of Experience Life Magazine. In 2005 he was nominated for an ESPY award. ONE MAN'S LEG was also published in Japan. View at Onemansleg.com

RED ZONE: A NOVEL BASED ON A TRUE STORY (Alan McTeer; fiction, 2003). This edge-of-your-seat thriller caught the attention of mystery divas Tess Gerritsen ("A riveting, white-knuckle read, writing so vivid you'll believe you are sitting in the plane's cockpit with these unforgettable characters”) and Molly Brown ("A stunning debut: taut, dark, and unputdownable.") View at Amazon.com

Joan herself is a published author. Her published novels are:

ISLAND (fiction; Permanent Press; 1992) View at Amazon.com

HOMEBODIES (fiction; Permanent Press; 1994) View at Amazon.com

VIRTUAL SILENCE (fiction; Permanent Press; 1995) View at Amazon.com

GUDRUN'S TAPESTRY (fiction; Beagle Bay Books; 2003) GUDRUN’S TAPESTRY was the silver medal winner for historical fiction in the ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award and runner-up for the Independent Publisher's Book Awards (IPPYs) in 2003. It has since been translated into Italian and Russian.
View at Amazon.com

Praise For Joan

“Joan has an uncanny eye for true, deep, and meaningful writing. She is a breath of fresh air in an over-commercialized world rife with subpar prose.''Kate Niles, author of THE BOOK OF JOHN, THE BASKET MAKER and GEOGRAPHIES OF THE HEART

"It is the fortunate person who finds Joan Schweighardt, a writer's guardian angel. She helped me get my first novel into shape, found a publisher for it, and in the process, became a friend. Channeling my novel's Mother Nature character, I'd award highest honors to Joan for all her good work and kindness: a beautiful and exceedingly rare New Mexican triple rainbow." —KJ Fraser, author of A JOURNEY, A RECKONING AND A MIRACLE

“Joan has always delivered delicious copy on time, always with a high level of professionalism wrapped in a warm smile.” —Dave Cutler, author of WHEN I WISHED I WAS ALONE and THE GUESS WHO WHAT WHEN & WHERE PICTURE TRIVIA BOOK SERIES: MOVIE EDITION

“Joan is a writer first--and an amazing one. She wins prestigious awards, and her books get translated to far-flung languages! She can write anything, from heavily researched historical fiction to gut wrenching memoir to riveting contemporary literary novels, and she does it with great artistry and passion. Joan brings this rare expertise to her work as a writing coach, editor, and (sometimes) ghostwriter. She has great intuitive understanding of all the elements of writing, and she can articulate and solve issues related to structure, plot, voice, character, pacing--the works. She's fast, professional, and highly skilled. Writers (like me) who have had the privilege of working with Joan know they can count on her 100%. There's nobody better out there.”

“Without Joan Schweighardt’s editing, my novel would never have been completed in a coherent whole. Joan edited my novel with the heart of a novelist and the eye of an editor.  Her critiques were honest, fair, and always generous. I trusted her judgment and not once was I disappointed. Truly, I am grateful for her help."
—Lucinda Lucero Sachs, author of BELIEVE IN THE WIND

"I was most impressed with Joan's knowledge and sincerity. She has credibility in a fickle industry. The best part of working with Joan is the honest coaching. She tells it like it is; she doesn't have time for sugar coating. When Joan speaks, I listen." — Alan McTeer, ace pilot and author of RED ZONE: A NOVEL BASED ON A TRUE STORY and ESCAPING CUBA.

 “I had the pleasure of working with Joan Schweighardt in a variety of ways.  A few years ago Joan worked on the publicity for the Woodstock Film Festival, which I run, and did a tremendous job. Fast forward a few years, and today Joan and I are collaborating as screenwriters and producers on the feature narrative ACOSTA, based on the autobiography ACOSTA by Yolanda Acosta. Collaborating with Joan on ACOSTA has been a fantastic experience all around. An intelligent, creative and hard working writer, Joan is a force to be reckoned with. Her drive to bring the project to fruition, her dedication to all her projects,  her impeccable work ethic and  her tremendous ability to collaborate make our collaborative experience together a rewarding and enjoyable one. I can't recommend Joan enough to anyone who would want to hire a great writer, editor, publisher or a producer.  Can't get much better than her.”
—Meira Blaustein, Co-founder and Executive Director of the Woodstock Film Festival

Joan, with her experienced and gentle approach, came along at just the right time in my writing/publishing process. Her insights into writing and the publishing industry always steered me in the right direction while honoring my own ideas and preferences. And grammar! She knew rules and guidelines I’d never heard of—and I thought I knew them all! I very much appreciated that Joan was always timely in her responses to my emails and phone calls. She’s definitely made me better at what I do.”
—Olin Dodson, psychotherapist and author of MELISSA’S GIFT.

"Joan Schweighardt helped to bring my book ACOSTA to life. She has the ability to have the reader experience emotions and take you to the time and place of the event being described. Joan is successful not only in producing a marketable manuscript but also helping you to remain true to your vision of the story you want to tell.”  —Yolanda Acosta, author of ACOSTA

Ogden gnashed his prose
and a writer arose
I suppose...

whether it’s fact or fiction
Joan will correct your diction
and, if, commas are a source of consternation
Joan will amend the misapplication
if continuity is full of lapses
Joan will discover the offending synapses
if Capitals should be lower cases
Joan will return them to proper places

and if your diacritical marks
are not related to Karl or Groucho
she will point out the non sequitur

and if, like me,
you’re prone to redundancy
she will see
she will see

when dialog
is a stinking bog
of verbal diarrhea
or em dashes
are useless hashes
Joan will not just please ya

but worst of all
Joan has the gall
or is it gumption?
to question your every assumption
and damn, she’s almost always right
though she will leave you a voice to complain with
provided you don’t end the sentence with a preposition

in short
whatever you write
Joan will help you write it better
and this is my letter
of recommendation
with an exclamation!

—Victor Levine, music-world guru and author of the novel ROCK AND ROLL STINKS

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