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Fiction; 232 pages
ISBN: [978-1-84694-291-4]
By Kate Niles

Having published Kate Niles first novel, the award-winning THE BASKET MAKER at GreyCore Press, it is an honor to have the opportunity to work with her again (in concert with her new publisher, O-Books) to provide supplemental PR support through GreyCore Literary Services. In addition to being a writer, Kate Niles is an archeologist, anthropologist, college educator, women’s rights advocate, counselor to sexual offenders, and a probation officer. Never satisfied with what’s on the surface, her enthusiasm for “digging up” what lies beneath is one of the many thrills of reading her fiction and hearing her presentations: Kate Niles makes you think…and rethink.

In her new novel THE BOOK OF JOHN, the protagonist is an archeologist who suffers from impostor syndrome (because he has had learning disabilities since childhood) and has only made it as far as he has because of his connections with women in his field, including his wife. When he makes an important but controversial archeological discovery (involving evidence of cannibalism), he finds himself thrust into a limelight he never anticipated and forced to write an academic paper he doesn't feel he can write. To escape from both the glare of publicity and the ramifications of his findings generally—as well as from confusion over his relationship with the two women in his life—he leaves his home in Salt Lake City to do some contract work on behalf of the Makah, a whaling tribe living in the Pacific Northwest. He has a close friend there, a Makah native suffering through his own identity crisis.

THE BOOK OF JOHN shines a light on the world of archeology and the people who live in that world. You can't read it without coming to appreciate the secrets that Gaia holds and will give up to the patient truth seeker. It's the kind of book that you "live in" during the time you are reading it...and until you are lucky enough to come across another of its caliber.

If you are a reviewer and would like an advance copy, or if you would like to interview Kate Niles, please send us a note.


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